Press Coverage

1. Summit Press Releases


15.05.2013 – Summit Press Release#1

European Risk Summit to examine role of science in policy-making

PDF: Press Release#1


11.06.2013 – Summit Press Release#2

“International gathering focusses on need for evidence-based policy-making across European Union”

PDF: Press Release#2


18.05.2013 – Summit Press Release#3

“European Risk Policy Experts call for a practical approach to risk in EU policy-making”

PDF: Press Release#3


2. International Press Coverage


10.06.2013 “Interview: Ragnar Löfstedt – Professor of risk management and the director of the King’s College Centre for Risk Management in London”.






11.06.2013 NEW EUROPE:


11.06.2013 BUSINESS WORLD:


12.06.2013 ‘Special Report’: 

MEP calls for parliamentary risk panel to tame green ‘scaremongering’


13.06.2013 Chemical Watch: EU Experts want “more science” in EU policy-making (13th June 2013)

PDF: Experts Want_More Science_ in EU policy Making


13.06.2013 ‘Special Report’:

 How volcanoes and airplanes offer lessons for risk taking


13.06.2013 NEW EUROPE:


14.06.2013 ‘Special Report’:

World leaders warned on risks of climate change


16-22 June, 2013 NEW EUROPE Weekly Newspaper – number 1035 – Analysis (page 10)



European Policy Expert call for a practical approach to risk in EU policy-making




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